Post what new thing you acquired recently


I got a few things, a UPS for all my networking equipment/server, a couple of IEC C14 to C13 power cables and coaxial cable as I need to rerun the modem over to where my other equipment is.


This should hopefully help a lot to minimize downtime on the forum with power outages/dips and from people pulling plugs their not supposed to :roll_eyes:


Philips 243V7QDSB/00
23.8" 1080p 60Hz IPS

Doesn’t look bad at all for 115€ (at least on video, should be here on Monday).

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I’ve decided to grow out my beard


Me too but my beard didn’t get the message.

(The Lazy) #305

same here


Are you talking about the same place for a beard? O.o

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Twas a joke


idk. maybe women have it worse with unwanted facial hair than I was assuming. maybe the bearded lady from the circus freak show was just a normal woman being like “fuck it. I’m done paying that much money on waxing and shaving.”

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Not unwanted facial hair but unwanted hair in general. My sister had back hair so long you could probably braid it.

It gets expensive. I probably pay close to $30/month on shaving stuff


And now a word from our sponsor Dollar Shave Club. drops mint-scented butt wipes

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yeah… I bought a trimmer for like $50 2 years ago. That’s about the extent of my shaving expenses :upside_down_face:


Pinstripe for 1.50€ on Steam.

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I got a couple t-shirts and a supremely dope poster at the concert IMG_20190213_112116 IMG_20190213_111839

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I bought a bunch of books the other day this is the first one to arrive so far.