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Also. Lol this name. But is… A mix of chocolate and coconut which is actually great


It ain’t that hard making your own Glühwein.

|3 |Pcs |Cinnamon sticks|
|1 |Pcs |Lemons|
|1 |Pcs |Oranges|
|6 |Pcs |Cloves|
|1 |L |Red Wine|
|4 |Tablespoons |Sugar (crystal, not powdered|

Heat up the red wine with the ingredients and cest of the orange and lemon for an hour (with the lid on but don’t cook it).

Allow to infuse for 1/2 hour after that. Filtrate with a sieve. Reheat if necessary for consumption.

Garnish with with a slice of orange on the rim of the cup/glass.

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One of my favorite beers, is way better in Germany though lol.

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Beer from a brewery @Dje4321 may or may not recognize lol.

Also got some more Köstrißer Schwarzbier because reasons.

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Fuck off with that shite

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Rofl. 10/10 gud response

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Made an Irish car bomb… It’s… Different, a shot of whiskey + Irish cream + Guinness.
Almost like a ice cream float in flavors lol. Except all alcohol.

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Got some assorted beer but also this… It’s quite good. It’s the 95 rye.
Smooth, strong, and flavorful.

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Wooo. Just got back from family friends party and well… We all had 2oz tasters of all these beers and even so after 2 hours we were all drunk lol. But great beer so not even mad. They were basically all 9% or more though so makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:
One in particular I found good:

(The Drunken Dragon) #71

Got a new rum:

Makes excellent rum and coke, and is 80 proof. May be my new go to since it ssd just a tad more expensive than kraken, but is more subtle in the drink. It compliments the coke better.

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Latest haul.
Better pic of the dragon flute:

Just tried the above dragon flute, not bad. Would describe it as an Amber pale ale.

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Tried the Oakspire, it’s good. Not $12 for a six pack good, but still. It’s a strong, barrel aged Amber beer… Super smooth, but warm like whiskey… Dangerous as it’s a 9% but good.

I probably won’t get it again unless it’s cheaper… Although, it’s one of the cheapest barrel aged options here and it is definitely good so maybe.

(The Drunken Dragon) #74


Picked this rum up since I wanted something new and it was the only one in that shop I hadn’t had before.

My review of this rum: it sucks. like… it’s offensively bad…

(The Drunken Dragon) #75

One of my favorite cocktails

(Yes,) #76

I was feeling particularly WI today so lol. Description is accurate.
Also got a 24 pack of leinenkugels because for $10 you can’t go wrong lol.